Artist Statement

My work for years has been focused on creating interesting works of art that deal with social, political, cultural and spiritual issues. In my work, I want the viewer to experience the raw emotions that I experienced in the creative process whether it is stone, steel or cast metal.

Often times the themes of my work reflect a narrative or memory of my past childhood and adulthood experiences combining my faith as I walk out my spiritual journey. My spiritual relationship plays a vital role in my creative process. I want my work to touch the viewer’s spirit, soul, and body; allowing my work to record an incident, create a tangible form to feelings and give the viewer an innovative way of seeing materials in a different format. Each of my sculptures usually have the distinctive three marks present in some form or fashion representing the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Spirit, Soul and Body.

I use a variety of materials in my work during my creative process; however, I am particular about what materials I use for each specific sculpture because I want that material to reflect what narrative I am trying to express to the viewer. The viewer’s experience may totally be different than mine because they may see something entirely different in my work, and for me, that’s okay.